This journal publishes articles about the results of research based on community service and community empowerment that are problem-solving, comprehensive, meaningful, and sustainable, with clear goals. In accordance with the goals (SDGs) which plan global actions agreed by world leaders, to save the environment, reduce memory, and protect. So that each article must be in accordance with these goals and objectives (as stated in the contribution statement). So this journal focuses on the main problems in the development of sciences in the field of community service as follows:

  • Qualifications, competency education and training, and competency competencies;
  • SMEs and local communities;
  • Community empowerment;
  • Social Access;
  • Community Service Activities by Students;
  • Empowerment of Border Area Communities;
  • Education for Sustainable Development;
  • Empowerment Program Health ;
  • Design and Reach Appropriate Technology for Communitie;
  • Cultural and society